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Temple Danang

Temple Danang is a place where you can expect great hospitality, a serene atmosphere and all the facilities of a 4-star Resort. You can enjoy all of these at a price which is significantly lower than any other resort, which makes Temple Danang become a unique place at the Vietnam coastline. Here at Temple Temple Danang we offers you a true Resort Experience without making you pay for it! The Resort is set at the beautiful My Khe beach. The exterior and interior are a perfect blend of modern architecture and design with traditional Vietnamese art and style. Our intimate 10-rooms accommodation with quality service and modern room facilities will make your holiday even better than you can expect and for those who stay in a largebcity, Temple Danang definitely offers you an unforgettable day at the beach with a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Come and enjoy THE RESORT EXPERIENCE at Temple Danang.

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